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Silkolene Super 4 10w-40 semi-synthetic 4-Stroke Motorbike Oil

Silkolene Super 4 10w-40 semi-synthetic 4-Stroke Motorbike Oil


Silkolene Super 4 10w-40 - 1 Litre

1 Litre


Silkolene Super 4 10w-40 - 4 Litres (Lube Cube)

4 Litres (Lube Cube)


Silkolene Super 4 10w-40 - 20 Litres (Lube Cube Box)

20 Litres (Lube Cube Box)


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Silkolene Super 4 10w-40 semi-synthetic 4-Stroke Motorbike Oil

SILKOLENE SUPER 4 10w-40 is a semi synthetic 4-stroke engine oil designed for use in both on-road and off-road motorcycles, protecting the engine and transmission with advanced additive chemistry from start-up to full power.
  • Blended with a high performance additive system incorporating detergents, dispersants and load carrying agents to give excellent engine cleanliness and minimum component wear.
  • Uses a balanced formulation to ensure correct operation of oil immersed clutches and other drive line components.
  • Available in 1 litre and 4 litre pack sizes and also available in a 20W-50 viscosity grade.


  • A choice of two viscosity grades - 10w-40 and 20w-50
  • Suitable for use in all 4-stroke motorcycle engines
  • Anti-wear and load carrying agents protect camshafts and bearings
  • Advanced inhibitors and high quality base fluid minimise internal sludge and varnish deposits
  • Balanced frictional characteristics give precise and slip-free clutch operation
  • Extreme pressure and lubricity additives ensure quiet and trouble-free gearbox lubrication


  • Specifications
    • JASO MA2
  • Performance
    • API SF
    • API SG
    • API SH
    • API SJ

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"Good quality general purpose motorbike 10w-40 semi from Silkolene, one of the UK's leading bike oil manufacturers."