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Silkolene 05 Fully Synthetic Racing Fork & Suspension Fluid

Silkolene 05 Fully Synthetic Racing Fork & Suspension Fluid


Silkolene 05 Racing Fork Oil - 1 Litre

1 Litre


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Silkolene 05 Fully Synthetic Racing Fork & Suspension Fluid

Integrated with race-developed anti-foam and anti-wear chemistry to give exceptional performance in the latest front forks and suspension systems. Outstanding resistance to shear forces and high temperatures, make this product ideally suited to long distance events and severe operating conditions, where consistent performance from start to finish is vital.


Recommended where rider, track or operating conditions dictate.

Extensive use by factory teams and suspension specialists in off road and road racing has proved that this product provides the answer to any situation regardless of climate or terrain.

The choice of suspension specialists in arduous 4-wheel competitions for particularly severe applications including World Rally Car, Rallycross, Desert Racing and Formula One.


  • Fully synthetic formulation combats fluid volatility at high temperatures, ensuring predictable damping characteristics with all types of air, nitrogen and argon-filled systems
  • Shear stable, high viscosity index formulation adds to the synthetic base oil benefits to give predictable performance in all conditions
  • Reduces friction and ‘stickslip’ giving a silky smooth action with very low seal wear

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