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Valvoline Heavy Duty TDL Pro 75w-90 Full Synthetic Gear Oil

Valvoline Heavy Duty TDL Pro 75w-90 Full Synthetic Gear Oil


Valvoline Heavy Duty TDL 75w90 - 1 Litre

1 Litre


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Valvoline Heavy Duty TDL Pro 75w-90 Full Synthetic Gear Oil

For use in the total drive line when the manufacturer specifies a GL-4 or GL-5 lubricant. This superior quality automotive gear oil has performance capabilities that allows it to have optimal performances in a very wide range of applications.

Recommended for conventional as well as ultra modern gearboxes and transmissions of commercial vehicles:

  • ZF Gearboxes
  • Eaton Axles
  • Transferboxes 

Not suitable for limited slip applications


Excellent protection
Optimum protection against wear and tear, also under high stress working conditions. Reduces oil leakage.
Advanced additives
Advanced additives protect against corrosion, oxidation, foaming, and deposits. 

Breakdown resistance
Premium synthetic base oils, balanced additive system avoid breakdowns and stick-slip even between extended drains.
Consistent, stable viscosity
Excellent viscosity-temperature properties even at very low temperatures. Highly stable viscosity with long-term multigrade advantages.

Fuel economy properties

Smoother shifting contributes to better fuel economy. Increased oil circulation provides excellent cooling properties resulting in further fuel savings


  • Specifications
    • MAN 341 type E3 (Eaton)
    • MAN 341 type Z2  (ZF)
    • MAN 342 type M3 (Meritor)
    • MB-Approval 235.8
    • SAE J2360
    • Scania STO 1:0
    • Volvo 97312
    • ZF TE-ML 02B, 05B, 12B, 12N, 16F, 19C.
    • API: GL-4, GL-5, MT-1
    • Arvin Meritor Axles 0-76-N
    • Mack GO-J
    • ZF TE-ML 07A, 12L, 17B, 21B.

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