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Fuchs (was Pentosin) Titan FFL-2 Double Clutch Transmission Fluid

Fuchs (was Pentosin) Titan FFL-2 Double Clutch Transmission Fluid


Fuchs Titan FFL-2 - 1 Litre

1 Litre


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Fuchs (was Pentosin) Titan FFL-2 Double Clutch Transmission Fluid

A premium Performance DCTF specially developed for VW Double Clutch Transmission with wet clutch. It provides optimum wear protection and excellent friction properties even under hard conditions and offers best shifting performance over the whole lifetime.

Fuchs Titan FFL-2 is a special transmission oil developed exclusively for use as the first fill lubricant in VW Group dual-clutch transmissions. It was developed as an absolute innovation to accommodate these specific standards. In partnership with VW, it was aligned with the diverse specific DSG requirements. Hence, the product offers the outstanding friction properties paired with fast shifting results across the entire oil change interval. Moreover, this product meets the complex non-ferrous metal and electronic component compatibility requirements, which is of critical importance for the proper functioning of the electrical/hydraulic control circuit. It also offers optimum wear and tear protection across the entire component lifecycle.


Developed specifically for use in VW’s dual-clutch transmissions DQ250, DQ500 and DQ400e. It is the only product that has been exclusively approved for use in these transmissions, which are installed in a vast number of VW Group vehicles. The product must be homogenized before use. To maintain the perfect operation of the DSG, it is necessary for Titan FFL-2 not to be mixed with any other transmission oils.

Note: This product has been previously marketed under Pentosin FFL-2.


  • Friction value parameters specifically aligned with VW Group dual-clutch transmissions for optimum shifting patterns
  • Excellent friction stability
  • Provides reliable corrosion, wear and tear as well as sludge protection
  • Outstanding compatibility with non-ferrous metals as well as hydraulic control circuit electronic components
  • Optimised foaming patterns
  • Depending on OEM requirements, also suitable for selected transmissions in hybrid and electric vehicles
  • This is the only product that has been approved pursuant to VW specification TL 52182!


  • Approvals
    • JAC DTF630
    • VW TL 52 182 (G 052 182)

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