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DENSO Heater Core Element - DRR09100 - Interior Heating - Genuine OE Part

DENSO Heater Core Element - DRR09100 - Interior Heating - Genuine OE Part


DENSO Heater Core DRR09100 - Single



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DENSO Heater Core Element - DRR09100 - Interior Heating - Genuine OE Part

General Details:

Weight [g]2660
Core Length [mm]250
Core Width [mm]180
Core Depth [mm]33

Additional Images:

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Example application: FIAT ULYSSE (220) 2.0 (220.AC5) (199406 - 200208)

This part matches Original Equipment (OE) quality specifications which means that it is at least as good if not better than the original part the manufacturer supplied the car with.

The heater core reheats a portion of the air cooled by the evaporator by exchanging heat with engine-cooling water. The reheated air is mixed with the remaining evaporator-cooled air and the mixed air is blown into the vehicle cabin.

DENSO First Time Fit® parts meet or exceed all manufacturer standards, mount properly with a minimum of installation issues, and provide years of reliable service.

If you need help choosing the correct DENSO Heater Core Element for your vehicle please contact us.

Important for returns:

Due to the nature of this product and manufacturer imposed restrictions, if this part comes in a sealed plastic bag we cannot accept returns if that plastic packaging is opened.

Packaging will be clearly marked with: "Non-Returnable if packaging is opened" or similar.

This item is non refundable if the sealed plastic package is opened


  • Superior efficiency: quick heating
  • Compact design for easy installation
  • Long-life alloys provide corrosion resistance
  • High-strength brazed joints ensure durability

Technical Information:

  • Material: Aluminium
  • Core Dimensions: 250x180x33cm
  • Weight: 2.606kg

Fitment / Compatibility:

Model & MakeKWManuf. From/To
FIAT ULYSSE (220) 1.9 TD (220AH5)6602.1995 - 08.2002
FIAT ULYSSE (220) 1.8 (220.BB5)7305.1997 - 08.2002
FIAT ULYSSE (179AX) 2.0 JTD7905.2003 - 08.2006
FIAT ULYSSE (220) 2.0 JTD8010.1999 - 08.2002
FIAT ULYSSE (179AX) 2.0 JTD8008.2002 - 08.2006
FIAT ULYSSE (179AX) 2.0 D Multijet8805.2006 - 06.2011
FIAT ULYSSE (220) 2.0 (220.AC5)8906.1994 - 08.2002
FIAT ULYSSE (179AX) 2.2 JTD9408.2002 - 08.2006
FIAT ULYSSE (220) 2.0 16V10009.2000 - 08.2002
FIAT ULYSSE (179AX) 2.010008.2002 - 06.2011
FIAT ULYSSE (179AX) 2.0 D Multijet10005.2006 - 06.2011
FIAT ULYSSE (220) 2.0 Turbo (220.AD5)10806.1994 - 08.2002
FIAT ULYSSE (179AX) 2.2 D Multijet12503.2008 - 06.2011
FIAT ULYSSE (179AX) 3.0 V615008.2002 - 06.2011

Cross Reference:

  • OE Part: FIAT GROUP - 946442038

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