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Hella 28 Inch Flat Bar Wiper Blade - WBU28

Hella 28 Inch Flat Bar Wiper Blade - WBU28


Hella 28 Inch Flat Bar Wiper B - Single



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Hella 28 Inch Flat Bar Wiper Blade - WBU28

General Details:

Fitting PositionFront
Length [mm]700
Wiper blade typeFlat wiper blade
Adapter enclosed2) 3) 4) 5) 7)
Length [in]28
Left-/right-hand drive vehiclesfor left-hand/right-hand drive vehicles
Assy./disassy. by qualified personnel required!

Additional Images:

Click for larger picture
Click for larger picture

Hella Flat Bar Wipers are aerodynamically designed with an integrated flexible spine that secures the rubber blade in a seamless structure. This delivers enhanced aerodynamics, improved reliability and visibility in all weather conditions.

Size: 28 inches / 700mm

Wiper arm connection types that can be used with this wiper blade:

  • Side Lock Fitting
  • Pinch Lock Fitting
  • Push Button Fitting
  • Bayonet Fitting


  • Aerodynamic Design
    • Low profile aerodynamic concept spoiler provides optimal downward air-flow pressure to prevent wind lift even at high speed.
  • Easy-to-use, Universally Compatible Adaptor
    • Pre-attached with the adaptor with the most vehicle applications.
  • Curvo Design
    • Integrated flexible spine and self adjusting secondary levers offer uniform pressure distribution across entire wiper blade suited for various curvatures of windshield.
    • Precision cut to an optimal angle for clearer wiping performance.
  • Improved Reliability & Durability
    • Improved rubber formulation offers thermal resistance against ozone, UV rays and heat. Rubber blade edge is coated with graphite for minimal friction and thorough cleaning of windshield.
    • The absence of an exposed metal superstructure, as found in conventional blades, prevents ice build-up in winter. Ideal for all weather conditions.

Technical Information:

Fitting Position: Front
Length: 28 Inches
Quantity: 1
Wiper blade type: Flat bar wiper blade
Driver Position: For right-hand drive vehicles

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