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Motul MC Care P3 Tyre Repair and Re-Inflate Spray for Motorcycles

Motul MC Care P3 Tyre Repair and Re-Inflate Spray for Motorcycles


Motul MC Care P3 Tyre Repair - 300ml Aerosol

300ml Aerosol


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Motul MC Care P3 Tyre Repair and Re-Inflate Spray for Motorcycles

Motul MC Care™ P3 Tyre Repair is a pressurised spray for repairing and re-inflating motorcycle tyres instantly without the need for disassembly or tools. The latex based formula does not deteriorate either the inner tube or tyre.


Recommended for all motorcycle tyres with or without inner tubes. For tyres over 15", a second spray might be necessary.

Usage Directions:

  1. If possible, remove the object which caused the puncture
  2. Position the tyre valve at the top
  3. Completely deflate the tyre
  4. Shake the product vigorously before use
  5. In cold weather, reheat it in your hands or near the engine
  6. Clean the screw on the valve
  7. Screw on the Motul Tyre Repair connector
  8. Remove the protection capsule
  9. Position the spray upside down
  10. Press the button until the tyre is totally re-inflated
  11. Drive immediately for 10 to 20 km at moderate speed so that the product is evenly distributed
  12. Control the pressure as soon as possible and during the following days and adjust it if necessary
  13. You can confidently drive several hundred kilometres before repairing the tyre in the traditional way

Please note that we cannot ship ANY aerosols to international destinations.

General Details:

Capacity [litre]0,3
Packing TypeSpraycan

Additonal Images:

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  • Shock-resistant aluminium spray
  • A quick and convenient solution to a punctured tyre on the go
  • Repairs and re-inflates tyres immediately without removal or tools
  • Latex based formula does not damage the inner tube or tyre
  • Pressurised container permits all types of tyres to be re-inflated
  • Enables several hundred kilometres to be covered before repairing using the traditional methods

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