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Fuchs TITAN ATF 3353 Automatic Transmission Fluid

Fuchs TITAN ATF 3353 Automatic Transmission Fluid


Fuchs TITAN ATF 3353 - 1 Litre

1 Litre


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Fuchs TITAN ATF 3353 Automatic Transmission Fluid

Multifunctional DEXRON III Generation automatic transmission fluid for automatic transmissions as well as any other ATF-applications. Developed for the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz 7-speed automatic transmissions (NAG 2), applicable as well for the preceding 5-speed automatic transmissions (NAG 1). Offers fuel-efficiency potential.

TITAN ATF 3353 has been developed to satisfy highest demands to shifting comfort in modern automatic transmissions by Mercedes-Benz. TITAN ATF 3353 is formulated with selected high quality base oils in combination with a specially developed, unique additive technology. Demanding quality control ensures constant product performance.

TITAN ATF 3353 is specially recommended for the latest generation of Mercedes Benz 7-speed automatic gearboxes (NAG 2), as well as for all former 5-speed transmissions (NAG 1). TITAN ATF 3353 can also be used in many applications where DEXRON III-type fluids are recommended.


  • Selected base oils with very high viscosity index give TITAN ATF 3353 excellent low temperature properties
  • Remarkable fuel-efficiency potential
  • Very stable friction properties over the entire service life
  • TITAN ATF 3353 provides the required anti-wear and friction modifier additive systems to ensure proper function during the lifetime of the gearbox
  • Outstanding ageing and oxidation stability


  • Specifications/Approvals
    • MB-APPROVAL 236.12
    • VW TL 52533 (G 052 533)
  • Fuchs Recommendations
    • BMW 83 22 9 407 765
    • FORD WSA-M2C195-A
    • FORD WSS-M2C202-B
    • FORD WSS-M2C922-A1

Technical Information:

Density at 15ºC DIN 51757 0.848 g/ml
Colour Visual Red
Flash Point, CoC DIN ISO 2592 190ºC
Pour Point DIN ISO 3016 -54ºC
Foaming Tendency Seq. I/II ASTM D 892 20 / 0; 30 / 0 ml
Dynamic Viscosity at - 40ºC DIN 51398 8000 mPas
Kinematic Viscosity at 40ºC DIN 51562-1 29 mm²/s
Kinematic Viscosity at 100ºC DIN 51562-1 6.3 mm²/s
Viscosity Index DIN ISO 2909 179

Technical PDF Downloads:

Download the Technical PDFDownload the Safety PDF

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