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Radiators & Radiator Fans


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At Opie Oils it's easy to find the right Radiator and (or) Radiator Fans for your vehicle, use our lookup to quickly find parts that are matched to your specific vehicle.

Alternatively you can browse our whole range of radiators or radiator fans.

We stock top quality brand names such as Febi, Denso and Mahle - all at great Opie prices!

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Denso Radiators & Fans

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Febi Radiators & Fans

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Mahle Radiators & Fans

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Radiators & Radiator Fans Explained

The process of cooling in a radiator is a simple yet effective one. The radiator spreads hot antifreeze over an extended surface area and allows cool air from the road to pass over its fins, removing heat as it passes. The radiator fan is for when the air flow isn't sufficient; when needed it kicks in to give the air flow a boost, hence why you can commonly hear a fan run when a vehicle is stationary.

The radiator and radiator fan are essentially the most important heat exchange elements within your engines cooling system, if allowed to overheat your engine could be terminally damaged so buying high quality items should be top of your list.