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Shock Absorbers


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At Opie Oils it's easy to find the right shock absorber for your vehicle.

Use our part finder to quickly find parts matched to your car or van.

We sell quality NAPA shock absorbers

  • 36,000 mile / 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects

  • Leading brand in automotive parts: synonymous with trust, professionalism and tradition

  • OE matching quality to ensure first-time fit: the range only includes products that match the specifications of factory-fit OE shock absorbers.

  • Rigorous testing process for safety and comfort: all products undergo damping force, temperature, friction and durability characteristics and corrosion resistance tests
NAPA Shock Absorbers

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Shock Absorbers

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Shock Absorbers Explained

The basic principle of a shock absorber is that as the unit compresses or rebounds, valves within the oil-filled tube restrict the flow of oil to reduce the movement of the piston. This reduces oscillation of the road spring, keeping the tyre in contact with the road and improving ride comfort. Use our part finder look-up above to find the right coil spring for your vehicle.