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DPF Cleaners Explained

About Diesel Particular Filter Cleaners

Learn the facts and why you might need to clean your DPF

A DPF is a common part of a diesel-engined vehicle's exhaust systems these days. However, not many people know what they do, and fewer know that you have to have a compatible engine oil to ensure no damage or blocking occurs.

What is a DPF?

A DPF or "diesel particulate filter" is an exhaust gas filter - it's been compulsory to fit them to diesel vehicles in the UK since 2008. The aim is to reduce exhaust particulates by at least 80% - the main particulates being reduced are sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur.

How and why can a DPF get blocked?

Cars with a DPF go through a cleaning process called regeneration. DPF regeneration burns off the particulates that the filter has cleaned. The main reason for DPFs becoming blocked is short, stop-start journeys. This kind of driving will mean the exhaust gas temperature will be lower and will not get hot enough to induce DPF regeneration. This leads to trapped particulates within the DPF, causing the engine to become inefficient. Sometimes a blocking DPF will trigger a warning light on the dashboard meaning immediate action is required.

Incorrect engine oil can also contribute. DPF systems are designed to work in conjunction with low SAPS engine oils (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur). If an incorrect oil is used it can lead to the blocking of the DPF.

How does a DPF cleaner work?

Most DPF Cleaners work by reducing the temperature at which DPF regeneration can occur. By allowing the DPF to enter regeneration at a lower temperature it will assist the removal of trapped particulates in the filter. If used on a regular basis with short, stop-start trips, DPF cleaners can avoid the need to take the vehicle on a motorway or fast A-road to induce DPF regeneration.

Opie Oils have a comprehensive range of DPF Cleaner products - Go shopping for DPF Cleaners

If you're unsure of which engine oil, or how to find a Low SAPS diesel particulate filter (DPF) compatible engine oil, then why not use our engine oil lookup page.

Unfortunately, replacing a DPF is expensive. Ensure you use the correct oil to keep it clear and blockage free, and buy from our range of DPF cleaners to give your vehicle all the help you can to maintain a clean and healthy DPF. We have both fuel additives (for maintenance and to help DPF regeneration) and off-car cleaners for severely blocked DPFs.

If you need some advice or help choosing the right DPF Cleaner, please get in touch - we're happy to help!

MOT: Not having a DPF present on a vehicle that was manufacturer with one will result in MOT failure (since February 2014).

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