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If you are having problems accessing your account or having issues with something on our website, we'd love to hear from you so we can set things right.

Login Problems

If you can't remember your password, it's simple to get a new one. Just go to enter your email address, click the 'Request a New Password' button and we'll send you a one time use random password. You'll then be prompted to change this to something more memorable.

If for any other reason you still can't login or your problem is more technical, please feel free to contact our technical team.

Contact the Opie Oil Technical Team

Website Problems

If you are having problems on our website we would really appreciate a quick email to tell us what's going wrong. Our team are always quick to fix things and love feedback as it helps improve the site. You can either email us on or follow the contact form link below.

Some things you might get asked (might be worth including in initial email)

  • What operating system you are using
  • What website browser you were using i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox...
  • A link to the page(s) the problem is occurring
  • Also, on rare occasions you may get asked for a screen shot
Contact the Opie Oil Technical Team