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Mitsubishi Car Engine & Gearbox / ATF Oil

Find the right Car Oils for your Mitsubishi

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Mitsubishi Specification Lubricants, Including Engine Oils, Gearbox Oils & Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF's):

It's important to always use the correct specification oil in your Mitsubishi to ensure ultimate protection, lubrication & engine / component health longevity. You'll generally find the right oils referenced within your owners handbook, but in all honesty, Mitsubishi don't have the most fussiest engine oils... that's why they don't have their own range Mitsubishi Engine Oil specifications.
Generally if you find a spec for your Mitsubishi engine oil then it'll most likely be an ACEA spec and in the lower end of viscosity / grade, most commonly 5w30 but, due to the wide variety of vehicles Mitsubishi produce the oils can be massively different in grade from car to car so always check what's correct for yours.

Look Up Mitsubishi Oils, Fluids & Parts

If you don't have a owner's manual or aren't sure what oils are correct, then why not use our lookup tool.

Find engine oils, engine oils & filter service kits, oil top ups, engine components, Brembo Brakes, Denso & NGK spark / glow plugs and so much more

Did you know we also stock a range of genuine Mitsubishi Oil Filters and Oil filters plus removal tools that fit perfectly?

Mitsubishi Diamond SP11 / SP111 ATF'sGet a Gearbox (inc ATF's) or Diff Recommendation

Need gearbox or diff oil? Fill our recommendation form out and our expert team will hand pick the specific lubricants that are matched to your vehicle, it's condition & your driving style.

Free Track / Race Car Expert Oils & Fluids Advice

Got a unique or heavily modified track / race Mitsubishi? Get a FREE expert recommendation from the Opie Experts right here.

Mitsubishi Engine Oil Tilted 5L Bottle