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Technical Information

This page is a resource of information covering various aspects of the products we sell and vehicles they are designed for.

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- Oil Specifications- Manufacturers- Rants & Raves- Technical Articles

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Manufacturer’s Specifications

BMW oil specifications

Ford (Mercon) ATF specifications

GM (Dexron) ATF specifications

Rants & Raves

Beware miracle additives

Building a good oil

Cheap Oils


Flat Tappets

Synthetic Myths

Oil - a slippery subject


Synthetics and the Rotary engine

A word of caution - you get what you pay for!

Technical Articles

Glossary of terms

How to change your engine oil

What does an engine oil do?

How is an engine oil made?

Whats this thing called viscosity?

A Short Lesson on Multigrades

What is a Multigrade?

Lubricating a modified car

A word of caution on additives!

Are synthetics better?

Basestock catagories and descriptions

Beware of the Labelling

Bike Oil Questions and Answers

A common misonception about Vicosity

Comparing technical specifications

Corosion inhibitors

The 3000 mile oil change myth


Gear Oil FAQs

Running in on synthetics

Shearing and VI Improvers

Surely the thicker the oil the better?

Synthetics Vs. Minerals

Testing Shear Stability

The importance of the additive package

The refining process

Valuing viscosity

VI Improvers

Why do oils lose viscosity with use?

Oil Specifications