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Motul Auto Cool (Inugel) Optimal Car Antifreeze Coolant - Ready To Use -37C Protection

Motul Auto Cool (Inugel) Optimal Car Antifreeze Coolant - Ready To Use -37C Protection

Motul Auto Cool Optimal - 1 Litre

1 Litre


Motul Auto Cool Optimal - 5 Litres

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Motul Auto Cool Optimal - 20 Litres

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Motul Auto Cool (Inugel) Optimal Car Antifreeze Coolant - Ready To Use -37C Protection

General Details:

Oil - manufacturer recommendationAUDI 61-0-0257
Oil - manufacturer recommendationAUDI TL-774 F
Oil - manufacturer recommendationAUDI VW TL-774 D
Oil - manufacturer recommendationCUMMINS 32-9011
Oil - manufacturer recommendationCUMMINS IS & N14
Oil - manufacturer recommendationDAF 74002
Oil - manufacturer recommendationDETROIT DIESEL
Oil - manufacturer recommendationDEUTZ 0199-99-1115
Oil - manufacturer recommendationDEUTZ 0199-99-2091
Oil - manufacturer recommendationFORD WSS M97 B44 D
Oil - manufacturer recommendationGM QL 130100
Oil - manufacturer recommendationGM +B040 1065
Oil - manufacturer recommendationGM 6277M
Oil - manufacturer recommendationJAGUAR CMR 8229
Oil - manufacturer recommendationJAGUAR WSS M97 B44 D
Oil - manufacturer recommendationJOHN DEERE JDM H5
Oil - manufacturer recommendationKOMATSU 07.892
Oil - manufacturer recommendationLAND ROVER CMR 8229
Oil - manufacturer recommendationLEYLAND DW03245403
Oil - manufacturer recommendationLIEBHERR MD1-36-130
Oil - manufacturer recommendationMACK 014 GS 17009
Oil - manufacturer recommendationMACK 128 6083 / 002
Oil - manufacturer recommendationMAK A4.05.09.01
Oil - manufacturer recommendationMAN 324 typ SNF
Oil - manufacturer recommendationMAN D36 5600
Oil - manufacturer recommendationMAZDA MEZ MN 121 D
Oil - manufacturer recommendationMB 326.3
Oil - manufacturer recommendationMITSUB JQ07913-014
Oil - manufacturer recommendationMTU MTU MTL 5048
Oil - manufacturer recommendationVAG G 12
Oil - manufacturer recommendationVAG G 12+
for components see parts list

Addtional Images:

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Motul Auto Cool (Inugel) Optimal is a ready to use cooling liquid, anti-corrosion and Antifreeze / Coolant.

Protection -37C OAT Technology Nitrite free / Amine free / Phosphate free / Borate free / Silicate free

MOTUL AUTO COOL (INUGEL) OPTIMAL is a ready to use Antifreeze / Coolant based on monoethyleneglycol, using organic additives (OAT).
Strongly recommended for all cooling systems : passenger cars, heavy duty, construction and agriculture vehicles, gardening, ships, stationary engines

  • Ready to use, do not add any water
  • Drain intervals : Refer to the manufacturers' recommendation.
  • Do not mix with non organic products.
  • This product should not be used to protect drinking water systems against freezing.
Type of Antifreeze / Coolant Dilution:
Ready To Use
Protection from freezing down to -37C

View our online Antifreeze / Coolant Explained document, or download the PDF and find great information on what makes a good Antifreeze / Coolant and what all those specifications actually mean.

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PDF Downloads:

Download the Technical PDFDownload the Safety PDF


  • Contains a bitterness agent to prevent from drinking : coolants and antifreezes have a sweet taste but are harmful.
  • Cooling system optimal protection from freezing and metallic parts from corrosion.
  • AOT technology provides an excellent thermal exchange and then engine cooling efficiency and prevents from boiling.
  • This organic technology provides anti-corrosion properties that remain while high temperature and ageing. Low corrosion inhibitors consumption allows extended drain intervals.
  • Water pump protection, avoid cavitation.
  • Seals, durits and plastic parts friendly.


  • Cummins Cummins IS Series & N14
  • Cummins Cummins/Wärtsilä 32-9011
  • Daewoo Daewoo/Ssangyong
  • Daimler-Chrysler Mercedes-Benz 325.3
  • Detroit Diesel Detroit Diesel Powercool Plus
  • Deutz/MWM Deutz-MWM 0199-99-1115 / 0199-99-2091
  • Fiat - Lancia NC 956-16
  • Fiat Iveco 18-1830
  • Ford Ford/Jaguar CMR 8229/WSS-M97B44-D
  • General Motors Opel - GM - Saab GM 6277M
  • General Motors Vauxhall QL 130100/GM 6277M
  • Honda Honda HES D 2009-75
  • Hyundai Hyundai
  • Isuzu Isuzu
  • John Deere John Deere JDMH5
  • Kubota Kubota
  • Komatsu Komatsu 07.892 (2001)
  • Leyland-DAF Leyland Trucks DW03245403
  • MAN MAN/Steyr 324 Typ SNF/MAN 324
  • MAN B&W MAN B&W AG D36 5600
  • Mazda Mazda MEZ 121C
  • Mitsubishi Mitsubishi
  • MTU MTU MTL 5048
  • Porsche Porsche TL-VW 774 D = G 12
  • PSA Peugeot Citroën
  • Renault Mack 014GS17009
  • Renault Nissan 10120 NDS00
  • Renault Renault + RVI 41-01-001/- -Q Type D
  • Santana Motors Suzuki
  • Scania Scania TB 1451/TI 2-98 08 13 TB
  • Skoda Liaz 61-0-0257
  • Volvo Mack 014 GS 17009
  • Volvo Renault Trucks 41-01-001/- -S Type D
  • Volvo Volvo 128 6083 / 002
  • VW VAG Group TL-VW 774 D/F = G 12 / G12 +
  • ASTM Standards ASTM D3306/D4656/D4985
  • British Standards BS 6580
  • French Standards NFR 15-601
  • FVV Standards Germany FVV Heft R443
  • Japanese Standards JASO M325/JIS K2234
  • Korean Standards KSM 2142
  • MIL Standards MIL-Belgium BT-PS-606 A
  • MIL Standards MIL-France DCSEA 615/C
  • MIL Standards MIL-Italy E/L-1415b
  • MIL Standards MIL-Sweden FSD 8704
  • NATO Standards NATO S-759
  • SAE Standards SAE J1034
  • UNE Standards UNE 26-361-88/1 

Technical Information:

  • Nitrite free, amine free, phosphate free, borate free, silicate free.
  • Color Visual Orange fluo
  • Density at 20°C/68°F ASTM D4052 1.056
  • PH ASTM D1287 8.4
  • Initial crystalization ASTM D1177 -27.5°C/-17.5°F
  • Freezing Protection -37°C
  • Pour Point ASTM D97 -32.5°C/-26.5°F
  • Boiling Temperature 134°C/273°F (+1.5 bar)
  • Alkalinity Reserve ASTM D1121 2.4 mg KOH/g


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