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Spark Plugs & Glow Plugs


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At Opie Oils it's easy to find the right spark plugs or glow plugs for your vehicle, no matter if it's a petrol or diesel powered engine you can use our lookup to quickly find the correct plugs.

Ensuring that your vehicle has the correct spark plugs or glow plugs installed ensures the correct combustion process and optimum performance is maintained, also, something that not everyone considers, your spark plugs or glow plugs are commonly heat matched to a specific engine, meaning if the wrong temperature spark plugs or glow plugs are fitted the life span of the plug can be greatly decreased or even cause failure.

Spark plugs are a "service item" and should be changed according to the manufacturer's recommendation for your vehicle. For most cars this is every 12,000 - 24,000 miles / 1 - 2 years. Iridium spark plugs have a longer life than standard material spark plugs (typically nickel alloy) or silver plugs - up to 100,000 miles for Denso Iridium Tough and NGK Iridium IX spark plugs. Sometimes iridium plugs will be specified by the manufacturer as the only suitable choice for your vehicle.

Our plugs come from the leading spark plug or glow plug manufacturers NGK, Denso and Bosch. They are at the leading edge of plug technology and are common place within first fit (OEM Parts) car production because of it.

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A typical NGK Spark Plug

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NGK spark plugs

NGK Spark Plugs
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A typical NGK glow plug

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NGK glow plugs

NGK Glow Plugs
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A typical Denso Iridium spark plug

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Denso spark plugs

DENSO Spark Plugs
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A typical Denso glow plug

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Denso glow plugs

DENSO Glow Plugs
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Bosch Spark Plugs
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Bosch glow plugs

Bosch Glow Plugs

Spark Plugs & Glow Plugs Explained

Spark plugs and glow plugs are a critical part of the combustion process but are a commonly misunderstood component.

Spark plugs & glow plugs have a seemingly simple but critical job: to ignite the fuel and air mixture within the piston chamber, which in turns forces the piston down and produces the power of the engine.

One thing that's vital to remember about spark plugs & glow plugs is the operating temperature.

A plug uses a lot of voltage in order to produce an ignition-worthy spark of "electrical performance", which in turn causes heat. The trick is to keep this temperature low enough to prevent pre-ignition, but high enough to prevent fouling "thermal performance". That's why it's critical you get the right plug fitted.

There are many fundamental factors that separate one plug out from another:

  • Length of the insulator nose
  • Thermal conductivity of the centre electrode
  • Structure of the centre electrode - copper iridium etc.
  • Relative position of the insulator tip to the end of the shell "projection"
  • Heat rating; the longer the insulator nose the hotter the capacity

Spark plugs & glow plugs can be used to diagnose an ill-performing engine. They offer insight into fuel richness, heat, air to fuel ration and contamination within the combustion process... so take notice of damaged or unhealthy looking plugs.