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Fuchs Aquacent LT 68 Fire Resistant High Quality Hydraulic & Lubricating Oil

Fuchs Aquacent LT 68 Fire Resistant High Quality Hydraulic & Lubricating Oil


Fuchs Aquacent LT 68 Fire Resi - 20L (Drum)

20L (Drum)


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Fuchs Aquacent LT 68 Fire Resistant High Quality Hydraulic & Lubricating Oil

Lead Time Warning:

Please note that some industrial and commercial products are made to order and therefore have an extended lead time. For exact delivery timescales get in touch with the Opie Oils team.

Superior HFB fluid for arduous conditions

HFB, two phase water-in-oil emulsions developed for use in a wide variety of hydraulic systems where a high degree of fire resistancy is required and where arduous conditions are encountered. AQUACENT fluids are supplied ready for use in two viscosity grades; AQUACENT LT 68 - ISO VG 68 and AQUACENT LT 100 - ISO VG 100. Many years of field experience, coupled with ongoing product refinement has led to AQUACENT LT 68 & LT 100 being developed to meet today's ever arduous conditions. The new generation fluids demonstrate improved high temperature performance, improved anti-wear and improved elastomer compatibility over existing fluids. During use it is essential that the water content of the fluids should not drop below 35%, otherwise the fire resistancy of the products will be greatly reduced.

Replace conventional mineral oil in the majority of hydraulic systems where a fire resistant fluid is required, in applications such as mining hydraulic systems and general industrial applications such as furnace hydraulic mechanisms. Applications include systems powered by gear pumps, axial, radial and inline piston pumps, rotary abutment pumps, and axial and radial piston motors.

Note: Care should be taken to avoid the indiscriminate addition of water, as this will have serious effects on the products' stability and viscosity.

FUCHS Technical Department should be consulted prior to any addition of water to your AQUACENT system.

Is this the right product?

Making sure that you use the right oil, lubricant, grease or product for your commercial / industrial application is especially important when dealing with expensive machinery.

If you are unsure if this product is right for your needs or have any other questions please feel free to get in touch or use our Recommendation form.

Industrial Help / Recommendation Form

PDF Downloads:

Download the Technical PDFDownload the Safety PDF


  • Fire resistant in accordance with the approvals listed
  • Improved stability at temperatures up to 80ºC Suitable for operation in temperature conditions down to -10ºC and up to 80ºC approximately
  • Improved compatibility with elastomeric materials normally encountered in mineral oil systems
  • Enhanced fluid life
  • Increased resistance to oxidation
  • Superior material compatibility e.g. suitable with silver, copper, brass, cast iron, steel, aluminium
  • Improved anti-corrosive properties and anti-wear performance
  • Retain stability through freeze and thaw
  • Tightly controlled, low water particle size which enables more effective filtration and provides greater product stability
  • Unique emulsifiers allow condensation within the reservoir to be re-emulsified on contact with the bulk fluid
  • Reduced system maintenance costs


  • Approved by U.K. Coal Mining Ltd - approval number UKC382G.
  • Tested against the former British Coal specification No. 570/1981 HFB68LT.
  • Meets the requirements of the Luxembourg 7th Report.

Typical working pressures for differing pump types

Pump TypeBarlb. f/in2
Axial Piston PumpsUp to 207Up to 3000
Gear PumpsUp to 138Up to 2000
In Line Piston PumpsUp to 207Up to 3000
Radial Piston PumpsUp to 138Up to 2000
Rotary Abutment PumpsUp to 69Up to 1000
*Vane PumpsUp to 138Up to 2000
Axial Piston MotorsUp to 138Up to 2000
Radial Piston Motors (Low speed, high torque)Up to 193Up to 2800

*Limitation on speed may be recommended unless the pump has been designed for use with these fluids.

Technical Information:

Guide - Change-over Procedure >>
Test Method
LT 68
White emulsion
Viscosity grade ISO3448
Specific at 15.6ºC
Kinematic viscosity at 40ºCmm2/s68IP71
Water content%wt41IP74
Operating range (approx)ºC-10 to +80Ip284

Change-over Procedure

When changing a hydraulic system which has previously operated on a mineral oil to AQUACENT LT 68 or LT 100, proceed as follows:-
Drain reservoir.

  • Swab out reservoir using cloths not cotton waste.
  • Remove filter and clean, if fitted with paper element this should be renewed (Only approved paper elements to be used).
  • Uncouple pipework at lowest point and drain mineral oil from pipework.
  • Flush as follows:-
    • (a) Fill reservoir with AQUACENT Fluid to approximately 100 to 150 mm above suction pipe inlet.
    • (b) Flush the system by operating under no load conditions for the period of time recommended by FUCHS Technical Department.
    • (c) Drain off this flushing charge.
    • (d) Swab out tank and drain pipework.
  • Clean filters or renew as applicable.
  • Fill reservoir with the AQUACENT Fluid to be used.
  • Clean breather unit.
  • Check all pipework and joints to ensure no leakagesoccur.
  • The system is now ready for normal operation.

Special note:
If a system which has previously operated on waterglycol is being changed to water-in-oil emulsion it is advisable, if the system cannot be thoroughly cleaned manually, to flush all pipework with a charge of low viscosity mineral hydraulic fluid. After draining follow recommendations for AQUACENT fluids above.


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Carriage starts at just £0.95 (inc VAT) for small items, with our most common courier rate set at £5.99 for orders of 5kg (enough for 5 litres of oil).

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How long will it take to get my order?

We give an estimate of delivery dates as you shop and in your basket. The vast majority of items are held in stock and dispatched from our UK warehouse and we'll do all we can to get your order to you as quickly as possible.

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