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Opie Oils - 2020 Competitors' Support

2020 Application Form.

To qualify for our Competitors' Support we require all applicants to hold a current race licence and be active in UK Motorsport. However we do appreciate that not all motorsport requires a race licence and we will review any applicants that fall into this category.

The Opie Oils Competitors' Support scheme offers:

In return for our support, drivers and riders are required to:

If you wish to apply for this then please submit your Sponsorship Application details below then email us a picture of your car or bike!

Your Details


If you were sponsored by us last season then we understand that Opie Oils decals may not be needed to meet our decal requirements. We do however request that a recent picture is emailed to us at sales@opieoils.co.uk showing that the Opie Oils decals are fitted before sponsorship is awarded.



Once the application has been received we will review and advise you of the outcome. If sponsorship is awarded we will then send the Opie Oils decals required, once you have applied the decals we then ask that a picture is sent by email to sales@opieoils.co.uk

PLEASE NOTE: that your sponsorship voucher code will only be issued once new pictures have been received showing the Opie Oils decals we have supplied have been fitted.

We will then issue you with your Sponsorship Voucher Code, which can be used with immediate effect and further instructions with regards to the next steps.

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