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At Opie Oils it's easy to find the right Starter Motor for your vehicle, use our lookup to quickly find parts that are matched to your specific vehicle.

A starter motor is essentially a very powerful electric motor that gives your vehicle the initial push to start by cranking over the engine. Although it only generally gets used at the start of a journey, it still has a hard life due to the amount of effort and power it takes get a combustion engine going. You can commonly tell when a starter motor is about to die as it no longer spins to the optimum level for the engine, resulting in prolonged or multiple attempts to start your vehicle.

Opie Oils starter motors are made by class leaders in size and weight and offer reliable performance. 

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Starter Motors Explained

A starter motor, in essence, is a very simple item. It's essentially a very powerful electric motor that turns the vehicles engine over while you're turning the ignition key. The reason it does this is to get the initial combustion process going, and in turn, get your vehicle running.

One of the most common causes of a car not being able to start is the starter motor. They have a hard life and consume a large amount of power (hence the large cables to and from it) and can sometimes simply become faulty through wear. Make sure that you replace yours with a high quality unit that won't leave you stranded again.

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