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Apple Ipad Competition
RaceX LED Flexible Strip Light / LED Stripe - White (RX2913)
HELLA Fog Light, Right Fitting 12v (1N0 271 295-321) Fits: Seat, Skoda, VW
HELLA Worklight / Work Lamp Modul 70 H3 Halogen 12V 24V (1G0 996 176-007)
HELLA Combination Rearlight Lens, for Position /  Reverse Light (9EL 148 274-001)
HELLA Tail / Rear Fog Light Lens (9EL 112 763-001)
HELLA Daytime Running Light LED 9V - 33V (2PT 009 496-007) Fits: Evobus, Hymer, Solaris
HELLA Headlight Bi-Xenon D2S 12V (1LL 008 934-011) Fits: Maserati, Ferrari
HELLA Position Light / Side Lamp C5W (2PF 004 081-001)
HELLA Combination Rear Light, Stop & Tail Light (2SB 964 169-677)
HELLA Heavy Duty Light Bulb B8.5d 24V 1.2W (8GA 007 997-071)
HELLA Standard Light Bulb H6W 12V 6W (8GH 007 643-121)
Hella Heavy Duty Standard Halogen Light Bulb H4 24V 75/70W (8GJ 002 525-251)
Hella Heavy Duty Light Bulb 24V 1W [814424] (8GA 007 997-021)
HELLA Amber Dashboard Warning Light (2AA 003 257-031)
Bosch Longlife Daytime Number Plate / Interior Bulb ­12V 5W C5W SV8,5-8
HELLA Heavy Duty Light Bulb H3 24V 70W (8GH 002 090-251)
HELLA Reflex Reflector Oval Amber (8RA 343 160-022)
HELLA Standard Light Bulb H1 12V 55W (8GH 002 089-133)

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Looking for cheap car Lighting bargains?

From small problems to damage repair, lighting is an essential part of your vehicle. To that end Opie offer a variety of products to ensure your car or van is safe on the road.

From complete lighting units to individual bulbs, you are likely to find something of use in this section.

If you need any more information on the products listed here please call us on 01209 202944

Please Note: We do not offer a Returns policy on Clearance items.

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