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Total Traxium Gear 8 75W-80 Manual Transmission Gear Oil
Total Fluide ATX Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF
Total Traxium Dual 9 FE 75w-90 Transmission Oil
Total Traxium Axle 8 80W-90 Gear Oil
Total TRAXIUM Axle 7 80W-90 Gear Oil
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Total Fluidmatic CVT MV Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid
Total Fluidmatic LV MV Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF
Total Fluide XLD FE Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF
Total Fluidmatic DCT MV Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid
Total Fluidmatic D3 ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid

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Just like the engine itself, it’s crucial that you keep your gearbox lubricated to ensure optimum performance and to protect it against wear and tear. Total offers durable, high quality lubricants for both manual and automatic transmissions, including Fuel Economy options that will save you money and help protect the environment.

Oil for manual transmissions
Our Total Transmission and Total Transtec ranges provide an excellent selection of products to protect your gearbox from wear and tear, while Total Transmission Axle 8 75W-90 is available for axle lubrication. Total Transmission Gear 9 FE 75W-90 is the choice to make if you want high quality, superb protection and fuel economy savings.

Oil for automatic transmissions
A complete selection of lubricants for automatic transmissions can be found thanks to our Total Fluidmatic and Total Fluide ranges. These cover Dexron transmissions, as well as DCT and CVT options. Total Fluide XLD FE is the choice for greater fuel economy, long drain periods and anti-friction properties.

With Total’s specially formulated ranges of transmission fluids for gearboxes and axles, you can benefit from:

  • Lower maintenance costs thanks to extended drain periods.
  • Excellent gearbox protection against wear and corrosion – these oils can stand extreme pressure.
  • Low temperature fluidity means less drag and fuel consumption even during cold starts.
  • Excellent stability in operation due to the high viscosity index.
  • High compatibility with oil filters due to antifoam properties.
  • Fuel economy options to help you reduce fuel costs and protect the environment.

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