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Febi Bilstein Anti-Roll Bar Bush (01982)

Febi Bilstein Anti-Roll Bar Bush (01982)


Febi Anti-Roll Bush 01982 - Single



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Febi Bilstein Anti-Roll Bar Bush (01982)

The anti-roll bar (also known as the stabiliser bar) is an important component for driving dynamics as it reduces vehicle body roll when cornering. It is connected to the vehicle body and the moving suspension struts. If you hear rumbling noises from the front axle area when the road is uneven, this can be caused by a defective connecting rod or a worn out anti-roll bar bush. They can usually be changed without great effort and, unlike other parts of the front axle, a subsequent wheel alignment is not necessary.

Anti-roll bar bushes from Febi guarantee 100% driving stability and are intensively tested by their quality management team for various requirements and loads, including accuracy of fit, dimensional accuracy, material quality, and tensile strength.

Febi Bilstein, part of the internationally successful bilstein group.

As the pioneer in the spare parts market, Febi or 'Febi Bilstein' have prematurely supported alternatives to original parts that are of equal or higher quality in the interest of consumers worldwide. They rely exclusively on products in OE matching quality, which is guaranteed by their comprehensive quality management and production competence.

With their growing range of more than 40,000 technical wear parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, you can always be certain that you are getting the very best selection and quality of parts for your vehicle.

To check specific compatibility you can use our Vehicle Lookup or check the manufacturer information by clicking this link: Febi Partsfinder.

General Details:

Length [mm]46
Inner Diameter [mm]28
Outer Diameter [mm]65
MaterialRubber with fabric lining
Fitting PositionFront Axle
Weight [kg]0,110

Additonal Images:

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  • Group-independent, family-owned manufacturer
  • 3 year manufacturer's guarantee
  • Robust construction for perfect function
  • Optimal fitting accuracy for easier repairs
  • Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers
  • Strict quality standards

Fitment / Compatibility:

  • S-Class Petrol Coupe SEC/CL 420 4196cc 205KW 279HP M 119.971
  • S-Class Diesel Saloon S 350 Turbo-D 3449cc 110KW 150HP OM 603.971
  • S-Class Petrol Saloon S 280 2799cc 142KW 193HP M 104.944
  • S-Class Petrol Saloon 300 SE, SEL/S320 3199cc 170KW 231HP M 104.990;M 104.994
  • S-Class Petrol Saloon S 500 4973cc 235KW 320HP M 119.970;M 119.980
  • S-Class Petrol Saloon 500 SE, SEL 4973cc 240KW 326HP M 119.970
  • S-Class Petrol Saloon S 600 5987cc 290KW 394HP M 120.980;M 120.982
  • S-Class Petrol Saloon 600 SE, SEL 5987cc 300KW 408HP M 120.980
  • S-Class Petrol Coupe 500 SEC / CL 500 4973cc 235KW 320HP M 119.970;M 119.980
  • S-Class Petrol Coupe SEC/CL 600 5987cc 290KW 394HP M 120.980;M 120.982

Cross Reference:

  • A140 323 10 85
  • 140 323 10 85

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