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Blue Print Front Brake Pad Set (ADN142159) Fits: Nissan NT400 Cabstar dCi

Blue Print Front Brake Pad Set (ADN142159) Fits: Nissan NT400 Cabstar dCi


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Blue Print Front Brake Pad Set (ADN142159) Fits: Nissan NT400 Cabstar dCi

Brake Pads for Optimal Safety & Comfort

Blue Print aims to find the optimal solution for safety, comfort and efficiency for each brake pad application. Every brake pad set features high shear strength, an excellent stability friction coefficient, low noise levels and minimum vibration which provides a secure feeling for the driver at the brake pedal. This makes braking progressive and comfortable.

A decisive factor for optimal brake pad quality is the individual components which form each pad. Combining these elements provides reliability and safety.

General Details:

Length [mm]164
Width [mm]68
Test MarkECE R90 Approved
Fitting PositionFront Axle
Thickness 1 [mm]20
Cable Length [mm]268
Wear Warning Contactincl. wear warning contact
Weight [kg]2,570

Additonal Images:

Click for larger picture
Click for larger picture


  • Friction Material Features: Specifically matched to particular vehicle type and model.
  • Intermediate Layer Features: Optimise compressibility reduces heat transfer.
  • Adhesive Features: High shear strength; bonds friction material to the pad carrier.
  • Backing Plate Features: High material strength.
  • Shim Features: Reduces brake noise.

Fitment / Compatibility:

  • Cabstar Diesel Chassis Cab 28.11 DCI, 32.11 DCI, 35.11 DCI 2.5 2488cc 81KW 110HP YD25DDTi
  • Cabstar Diesel Chassis Cab 35.13 DCI, 45.13 DCI 2.5 2488cc 96KW 131HP YD25DDTi
  • Cabstar Diesel Chassis Cab 35.14 DCI 3.0 2953cc 101KW 137HP ZD30DDTi
  • Cabstar Diesel Chassis Cab 35.15 DCI, 45.15 DCI 3.0 2953cc 110KW 150HP ZD30;ZD30DDTi;ZD30H HD-5
  • Cabstar Diesel Chassis Cab 28.12 DCI, 32.12 DCI, 34.12 DCI, 35.12 DCI 2.5 2488cc 90KW 122HP YD25DDTi
  • Cabstar Diesel Chassis Cab 35.14 DCI, 45.14 DCI 2.5 2488cc 100KW 136HP YD25DDTi;YD25K3LD-5MI
  • Cabstar Diesel Chassis Cab 34.110 DCI 2.5 2488cc 82KW 111HP YD25DDTi

Cross Reference:

  • D1060-MB20C
  • 41060-MB225
  • 74 85 120 221
  • 74 85 120 221


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