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Apec Brake Disc (DSK231)

Apec Brake Disc (DSK231)


Apec Braking DSK231 - Single




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Apec Brake Disc (DSK231)

Apec Brake Discs like this Brake Disc DSK231 feature the OE quality you expect when changing such a vital component on your vehicle. Innovation is the ultimate means of providing that quality, through methods that are entirely unique to the company. Apec Brake Discs distinguish themselves with lasting product value at the manufacturing level. They are produced using cutting edge technology, and every part is tested to homologation protocols that assess braking performance over a range of temperatures and pressures.

Key criteria such as disc integrity, thermal cracking, and disc thickness variation (DTV) are observed and synchronised for performance with every purchase. Apec Discs have hubs and edges coated for a like-for-like replacement. Unlike OE parts, however, the friction surfaces are masked and uncoated to prevent brake pad contamination, boosting braking efficiency.

All Apec Discs are supported with a 3Y36K warranty guarantee so you can face the unexpected without worry.

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General Details:

Height [mm]45
Brake Disc TypeVented
Brake Disc Thickness [mm]22
Outer Diameter [mm]235
Number of Holes4
Centering Diameter [mm]55
Bolt Hole Circle Ø [mm]100

Additonal Images:

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  • Black OE-matching coating for a long-lasting, sleek aesthetic.
  • Friction-resistant materials for enhanced durability.
  • Precision drilled mounting holes for seamless installation and fitting.
  • Resistance to warping through increased capacity for heating and cooling.
  • Disc location screws included for clean installation out of the box.
  • Environmentally conscious: Toughened cardboard packaging for a 3.5-tonne reduction in annual plastic usage.
  • 3 Year / 36K mile warranty.

Fitment / Compatibility:

  • Mentor Petrol Saloon 1.6 i 1598cc 59KW 80HP B6
  • Mentor Petrol Saloon 1.5 i 1498cc 59KW 80HP B5
  • Mentor Petrol Hatch 1.5 i 1498cc 59KW 80HP B5
  • 323 C Petrol Coupe 1.3 16V 1324cc 54KW 73HP B3P7
  • 323 F Petrol Hatch 1.5 16V 1489cc 65KW 88HP Z5-DE
  • 323 P Petrol Hatch 1.3 16V 1324cc 54KW 73HP B32A
  • 323 S Petrol Saloon 1.5 16V 1489cc 65KW 88HP Z5-DE
  • Demio Petrol Hatch 1.3 16V 1324cc 46KW 63HP B3 ME;B33L;B34P;B35J
  • Demio Petrol Hatch 1.3 i 16V 1324cc 53KW 72HP B33L;B34P;B35J
  • Demio Petrol Hatch 1.5 16V 1498cc 55KW 75HP B5 E

Cross Reference:

  • BR703325X
  • BR703325XA
  • BR703325XC
  • BR703325XD
  • BR703325XE
  • BR703325XF

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