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Bilt Hamber Auto-Clay Regular

Bilt Hamber Auto-Clay Regular


Bilt Hamber Auto-Clay Regular - 200g



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Bilt Hamber Auto-Clay Regular

For help choosing which auto-clay bar you require please see the Bilt Hamber Product Choice Guide PDF or contact us for more help.

Bilt Hamber auto-clay is a paint smoothing bar, designed to get your paintwork looking great and to keep it staying that way. By removing harmful contamination from vehicle paint finishes, Bilt Hamber auto-clay improves the durability of your paint work and increases the gloss level of subsequent waxes.

Auto-clay removes particles from your car's paintwork which can't be removed by washing, waxing or polishing such as brake dust, insect residue, bird droppings or tree sap. Use of auto-clay will leave a glass smooth ultra clean finish ready for waxing.

Bilt Hamber clays are supplied as a 200g bar - that's TWICE THE SIZE of many other bars! And unlike most competitors, Bilt Hamber clay bars don't require a separate special lubricant; ordinary tap water can be used.

Comes with full instructions. Our top tip - keep the surface good and wet!

Should I use Regular or Soft?

The regular auto-clay bar is preferred for the super-smoothing of not previously clayed paint or removing overspray. The soft auto clay bar is the perfect more routine compliment, allowing the more regular detailer to keep silky smooth paintwork with the minimum of effort and fuss. The medium auto-clay bar is meant as a go between, for detailers needing a mix of both regular and soft.

Bilt Hamber Auto Clay REGULAR voted Auto Express Best Buy 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015.


  • Large 200g bar
  • No special lube required - just use tap water
  • Paint smoothing bar
  • Designed to get your paintwork looking great
  • Remove harmful contamination
  • Improves the durability
  • Increases the gloss level of subsequent waxes.
  • Specifications:

    Regular auto-clay is preferred for the super-smoothing of not previously clayed paint or removing overspray.

    Technical PDF Downloads:

    Download the Technical PDF

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    We say...

    "Very popular easy to use clay bar, no need for fancy liquids as it can be used with just water."