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Mahle Oil Filter OX122D (Audi)

Mahle Oil Filter OX122D (Audi)


MAHLE OX122D Oil Filter - single



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Mahle Oil Filter OX122D (Audi)

Mahle Oil Filter - Reference: OX122D

Please use our Mahle filter lookup to find the Mahle filters for your car

Mahle are a world leading supplier of filters to the automotive after market industry. We supply all Mahle aftermarket filters - made to the exact quality and standards specified by the original equipment manufacturer.

The development and production of complex oil filter modules has long been one of MAHLE’s core competences. When the overall system of “engine lubrication and cooling” is considered, many other functions can be integrated along with the filtration and cooling of the lubricating oil. These include oil mist separation, sensors for pressure and temperature control, oil pressure and crankcase pressure regulation, and the optional incorporation of a fuel cooler. Thanks to the integration and use of state-of-the-art materials (especially of high-performance plastics), significant cost and weight savings can be achieved. Completely incinerable ecological filter elements that are easy to replace and dispose of are seeing increased use. Long-term filter elements using modern filter media and manufacturing processes provide an essential contribution to the extension of service intervals.

We also have the following application guides available to help you find the part you need, whether it's for a car, van, truck, agricultural or construction vehicle:

General Details:

Filter typeFilter Insert
Diameter [mm]95,0
Height [mm]85,0
Inner Diameter 2 [mm]25
Seal Diameter [mm]24,5
Packaging height [cm]10,00
Packaging length [cm]11,0
Packaging width [cm]11,00
Net Weight [g]192

Additonal Images:

Click for larger picture
Click for larger picture

Fitment / Compatibility:

  • A8 Petrol Saloon 4.2 quattro 4172cc 220KW 299HP AKG
  • A8 Petrol Saloon 4.2 quattro 4172cc 180KW 245HP AEM
  • A8 Petrol Saloon 3.7 3697cc 169KW 230HP AEW
  • A8 Petrol Saloon 3.7 quattro 3697cc 169KW 230HP AEW;AKJ
  • A8 Petrol Saloon S8 quattro 4172cc 250KW 340HP AHC

Cross Reference:

  • 077115401A
  • 077115561FOD
  • 077198563
  • 077115401A
  • 077115561FOD
  • 077198563
  • 077115401A
  • 077115561F
  • 077115561F O.D.
  • 077198563


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