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Silkolene PRO 4 10w-50 XP Fully Synthetic Ester Bike Engine Oil

Silkolene PRO 4 10w-50 XP Fully Synthetic Ester Bike Engine Oil


Silkolene PRO 4 10w-50 XP - 1 Litre

1 Litre


Silkolene PRO 4 10w-50 XP - 4 Litres (Lube Cube)

4 Litres (Lube Cube)


Silkolene PRO 4 10w-50 XP - 20 Litres (Lube Cube Box)

20 Litres (Lube Cube Box)


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Silkolene PRO 4 10w-50 XP Fully Synthetic Ester Bike Engine Oil

Using 100% Synthetic Ester to provide increased power, optimum engine protection, ultimate performance and reliability. Proven formula developed in partnership with manufacturers and race teams.

During the development of XP, an extensive development program was conducted, new formulations rigorously tried and tested and compared with reputable competitor products in the same type engines. This research showed us what gave the best improvements across a range of requirements and led to the launch of our new and improved range of motorcycle engine oils utilising XP Technology:
  • 11% Fuel Savings
  • 18% Lower Oil Consumption
  • 3% Improved Power (BHP/TORQUE)


  • One product range suitable for all high performance 4-stroke motorcycle engines On Road and Off-Road
  • Extensive racing experience and dyno analysis show significant increase in power output compared to conventional products plus improved fuel economy and lower oil consumption 
  • Advanced surface chemistry provides outstanding anti-wear properties giving vital protection to pistons and bores, cams and bearings even under race conditions 
  • Provides enhanced high temperature deposit control resulting in a cleaner engine and promoting longer engine life 
  • Suitable for gearboxes and transmissions where engine oil technology is specified,   outstanding gear wear and pitting protection 
  • Balanced frictional properties give precise clutch control / operation 
  • Also provides good corrosion protection, oxidation / nitration resistance, lower volatility


Approvals / Specifications

  • JASO MA2
  • API SM / SN Performance

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"This is as good as it gets from Silkolene, and take from me it is as good as money can buy."