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Performance Engine Oils
Laser 1.5 Litre Measuring Jug - Clear White (5634)
Laser Hex Key - 12mm (5880B)
Laser Spanner - Open Ended - 24mm (5808B)
Laser Hi-Vis Line Whip/Leader Hose - 600mm x 10mm (4834A)
LASER Hose Clamp Set - 2pc
Laser Spanner - Open Ended - 22mm (5807)
Laser Mini Hex Keys - 7 Piece (3403A)
Laser Hex Key Set - 10 Piece (0951)
Laser Spanner - Long Polished Combination - 13mm (2360B)
Laser Antifreeze Tester - For Ethylene Glycol (4293B)
Laser Wrench - Adjustable - 4in./100mm (2459)
Laser Oil filter Wrench - Strap - Up to 135mm (0237A)
Laser Hex Key Set - 8 Piece (0267A)
Laser Drain Plug Key - 8mm/13mm (1578)
Laser Hose Clip Driver - 6mm & 7mm Heads (2162B)
Laser Motorcycle Stand Front & Rear
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Laser Plier Storage Rack - 300mm
Laser Sharks Teeth Spanner Organiser
Laser Spanner Rack Organiser - 15 Slots
LASER Adaptor - 3/4in.D > 1/2in.D
LASER Classic Torque Wrench - 1/4in. Drive - 2.5-11Nm
LASER Classic Torque Wrench - 3/8in. Drive - 5-33Nm
LASER Cordless Drill Adaptor - Two in One
LASER Extension Bar Set - 10 Piece
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LASER Grip Wrench Set - 3pc
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LASER Hose Clamp Removal Tool
LASER Impact Extension Bar With Spinner 200mm - 3/8in. Drive
LASER Impact Power Bar - 370mm - 1/2in. Drive
LASER M5 Mandril From 2478A, 3713A & 3736A
LASER Ratchet Screwdriver - 10 Bits
LASER Screwdriver - Flat - 6.0mm x 150mm
LASER Spanner Extension Wrench
LASER Torque Wrench - Digital - Pre-set - 1/2in. Drive
Faithfull VDE Soft Grip Screwdriver - Slotted - 4.0mm x 100mm (FAISDVDE40)
Laser Spline Bit Set - 8 Piece (3266)
Laser Pry Bar Set - 3 Piece (1751)
Laser TorxPlus (5617)


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Laser Tamperproof Bit Set - 33 Piece (1733)
Laser Hex Bit - 24mm x 1/2in.D (6100A)
Laser Telescopic Stainless Mirror - 6.3cm x 2.5cm (4998A)
Laser Magnetic Pick Up Tool (Up to 1.6kg) (4994A)
Laser Engraver - Diamond Tip (6226A)
Laser Hose Clamp Set - 2 Piece (6579A)
Laser Long Nose Pliers - 6in./150mm (4817)
Laser Puller For Ribbed Drive Pulley (4085C)
Laser Hex Bit Set - 13 Piece (5513A)
Laser Torque Ratchet - Digital - 3/8in.D (6206)
Laser Terminal Tool Set (4027A)
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Laser Emergency Wheel Nut Remover - 4 Piece (3464A)
Laser Crimping Tool Set - 271 Piece (6532)
Laser Plier And Wrench Set (6599A)
Laser E Wrench Set - 6 Piece (5452A)
Laser Low Profile Impact Hex Bit Set - Metric - 9 Piece (5665A)
Laser TorxPlus (5214A)


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Laser Hex Bit Set - 1/4in. Drive - 6 Piece (5682B)
Laser Steel Ruler - 300mm (5911)
Laser Torx Plus (5213)


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Laser Multi-purpose Oil Syringe - 200cc (5698A)
Laser Star Bit - T40 - 3/8in. Drive (2984)
Laser Star Bit - T45 - 3/8in. Drive (2985)
Laser Star Bit - T47 - 3/8in. Drive (2986)
Laser Star Bit - T60 - 3/8in. Drive (2988)

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Laser from Opie Oils in the UK

If you are looking for tools and workshop products then check out Laser's great range.

Laser, vehicle servicing, professional & DIY car mechanic workshop items. Laser produce high quality tools, parts and other automotive items that could help you when servicing or fixing your vehicle. Opie Oils stocks an extensive range, all at great prices available to purchase today online. 

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