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Land Rover WSS-M2C925-B Engine Oil

WSS-M2C 925-B Fuel economy engine oils specifically developed for engines requiring very low HTHS (High Temperature High Sheer) viscosity oil (0w-20 viscosity) ideal for V8 engines. This specification can be hard to find; Opie Oils has select range online and ready to purchase today. The M2C925-B spec is fully backwards compatible with the earlier M2C925-A specification.

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3 Products

Millers Oils XF Premium C5 ECO 5w-20 Ford EcoBoost Fully Synthetic Engine Oil
RRP £40.00
Price Beater
Fuchs TITAN Supersyn F Eco-B 5W-20 Ultra Synthetic Engine Oil
RRP £40.00
Price Beater
Motul Specific Ford 948 B 5w-20 Fully Synthetic Car Engine Oil
RRP £49.67
Price Beater