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Febi Bilstein 75w-80 Gearbox Oil GL-5 | 40580
Comma EP 75w-80 Plus Mineral Manual Transmission Fluid
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Peugeot PSA B71 2330 Gear Oils / Transmission Fluids

We stock a great range of Peugeot PSA B71 2330 spec gear fluids

Peugeot Gear Oil specifications are set by the French PSA group, issued in 2009 in order to exercise greater control over the engine oils used in their vehicles. Specifications are based on ACEA specs but with extra requirements in order to protect the internals of Peugeot & other PSA group manufactured gearboxes.

If you're unsure, or have a modified or unique Peugeot why not ask the Opie Experts for a Custom recommendation.