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Fuchs TITAN GT1 FLEX 5 0W-20 Premium Performance Engine Oil
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Millers Oils XF Premium C5 0W-20 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil
RRP £69.98
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Fuchs SUPERSYN D1 0W-20 Ultra High Performance Engine Oil
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205 Litres

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Chrysler MS-12145 Engine Oils 

You'll find a comprehensive selection of engine oils and lubricants meeting the Chrysler MS-12145

A 0w-20 oil, meeting ACEA C5, suitable for petrol and diesel engines.

Getting the correct oils / fluids for your vehicle is vital, so ensuring the correct spec oils / fluid ensures the right lubrication, cooling, cleaning and general protection, thus maintaining peak performance and efficiency.

If you're unsure you can use our online product lookup page, or if you have a modified or unique vehicle why not ask the Opie Experts for a Custom recommendation.

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