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Castrol Workshop Products

The Castrol Workshop Range range - all great quality: From hand cleaner to engine shampoo and greases. We've got a great selection of castrol workshop products for your vehicle!
Castrol Radicool SF Antifreeze
Opie Price
Price Beater
Castrol Spheerol EPL 2 Lithium Grease NLGI2
Opie Price
Price Beater
Castrol Moly Grease Fortified Molybdenum Heavy Duty Multipurpose
Castrol Spheerol EPL 0 L/EPO Extreme Pressure Lithium Grease
Castrol Engine Shampoo (Pre-Oil Change Treatment)
Castrol Spheerol EPL 1 Lithium Grease NLGI1
Castrol Motorcycle Chain Lube Racing
Castrol Metal Parts Motorcycle Cleaner
Castrol Care Clean Plus Handcleaner
Castrol High Temperature Lithium Grease
Castrol Spheerol SX 2 Calcium Complex Extreme Pressure Grease

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