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VW G12evo Coolant / Antifreeze

Coolants are important for regulating and reducing the temperature of a vehicle's engine system, developed to have a high thermal capacity, low viscosity and cost, as well as being safe for the cooling system.

The G12 Evo Antifreeze / Engine Coolant is a new version of the G13 and the latest coolant from VW / Audi Group, developed with additives that protect engine components and help increase an engine's long service life. This coolant is made up of substances that form a protective layer against corrosion, ensuring the prevention of foaming and helping neutralise hard water or water with high mineral content. Works best at high temperatures and is ready to use.

Buy VW G12evo Antifreeze / Engine Coolant for delivery to your home, workplace or mechanic.

Feel free to contact us for advice - we are happy to help.

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Prestone Corguard Universal Antifreeze & Coolant - Ready To Use
Valvoline HT-12 Antifreeze Coolant Pink - Ready-to-Use - VW TL 774-L (G12evo)
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