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Comma EP 80w-90 GL-4 Mineral Manual Transmission Fluid
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Castrol TRANSMAX Manual EP 80W Mineral Transmission Fluid
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HyperDrive KXR 75W80 GL5 Synthetic Transmission Oil
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Motul Gear MB 80w Mineral Commercial Transmission Fluid

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Mercedes Benz MB 235.1 Manual Gearbox Oil Specification

Looking for Mercedes Benz MB 229.51 Gear Oil? well you've come to the right place

The mb 235.1 gear oil specification applies to gear oils with viscosity SAE 80w (most common), 80w-85 or 80w-90, or SAE 90.

Replacing your Mercedes Benz gearbox oil is a surprising straight forward task that is commonly overlooked, there's nothing to be scared of, infact replacing gear oil is normally a very similar process to changing engine oil.

Running a high quality gear fluid not only ensures smooth gear change but is vital for the protection of internal components and gear faces / teeth. Even if your Mercedes Benz states it's fill for life, you'll quite often find it still has a drain an replacement time scale in your handbook

If you're unsure if MB 235.1 is correct for your vehicle, or have a modified or unique Mercedes why not ask the Opie Experts for a Custom Gear Oil recommendation.

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