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NGK B8EG (3430) - Racing Spark Plug / Sparkplug - Fine Wire Centre Electrode

NGK B8EG (3430) - Racing Spark Plug / Sparkplug - Fine Wire Centre Electrode


NGK Spark Plug B8EG (NGK 3430) - Single



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NGK B8EG (3430) - Racing Spark Plug / Sparkplug - Fine Wire Centre Electrode

NGK Spark Plugs can be found in every racing venue throughout the world. Whether you're a weekend warrior or an accomplished racer NGK Racing Spark Plugs are sparking winners.

NGK is the brand leader in the UK spark plug market and are the world's biggest supplier to many major car manufacturers. Each and every one of their products are designed to meet the most rigorous standards and are the professionals' choice because of their quality and technical excellence. Their plugs can be found in use by teams in F1, WRC and MotoGP. Put simply, NGK genuine spark plugs are the workhorse at the heart of smooth-running engines around the world.

For many years NGK Racing Spark Plugs have been firing racing engines throughout the world. Fine-wire center and ground electrodes provide better sparking and enhanced ignitability. Made to withstand the severe conditions that occur in racing engines they have a zinc dipped shell prevents corrosion while the triple gasket seal eliminates combustion gas leakage. Special configurations are used for the insulator noses to improve throttle response and prevent fouling with corrugated ribs on insulator to prevent flashover. The plug includes a solid copper core for a greater spark.

To find the correct spark plugs for your vehicle please use our online lookup or contact us for more help.

General Details:

Spanner Size20,8 mm
Thread SizeM14 x 1,25
Thread Length [mm]19,0
Spark PlugUnscrewable SAE connector
Spark PlugNickel Middle Electrode
Spark Plug1 - Earthed Electrode
Spark Plugno interference suppression
Spark Plugwith gasket seat
Spark Position [mm]1,0

Additonal Images:

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  • Precious metals used for greater durability and lower voltage requirements
  • Fine wire electrodes provide better sparking for enhance ignitability
  • Special configurations are used to improve throttle response

Fitment / Compatibility:

  • 18 Petrol Saloon 1.6 Turbo 1565cc 80KW 109HP 807 727
  • 18 Petrol Saloon 1.6 Turbo 1565cc 92KW 125HP A5L 717;A5L 718
  • 18 Petrol Estate 1.6 Turbo 1565cc 92KW 125HP A5L 717;A5L 718
  • Fuego Petrol Coupe 1.6 Turbo 1565cc 97KW 132HP A5L 750

Cross Reference:

  • 98079-58648
  • 98079-58678
  • 9207 01222
  • E 9207 01222
  • 90098-25305
  • 90098-74013
  • 90098-25305
  • 90098-74013
  • 94702-00323
  • 94703-00323

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