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Vauxhall Engine Oil Specifications

Vauxhall Engine Oil Specification

Looking for the correct Vauxhall Engine oil for your car? Then you've come to the right place for a massive range

Engine oils meeting the Vauxhall engine oils specifications are listed here (for both older GM Vauxhalls and newer PSA Vauxhalls), available to buy online from Opie Oils for retail and trade purchase with delivery to your home, workplace or workshop.

This section is meant to help people who are searching for a particular Vauxhall oil by GM or PSA specification reference ... if these numbers mean nothing to you consult your handbook and look for the correct engine oil specification

Need Engine Oil / Oil & Filter to service your PSA or GM group car? Why not use our online product lookup.

If you're unsure if these GM spec's are correct for your vehicle, or have a modified or unique Vauxhall vehicle why not ask the Opie Experts for a Custom recommendation.

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